Reporting From the Border- 13th of May, 2006

Işıl Eğrikavuk'un projesi.
Zerrin Boynudelik'le yaptığı söyleşi [Yeni Tip Kamusal Sanat Üzerine Bir Söyleşi] Sanat Dünyamız 97, Sayı: 97 Kış 2006'da bulunabilir.

Reporting From the Border- 13th of May, 2006 is a performative project experimenting with the borderlines of everyday news, constructed realities,representations of violence through mainstream media and cyber space communication possibilities. It will provide connection between two installed computers, one in Chicago Art Department and one in an apartment in Semdinli- Hakkari, a Turkish city on the border of Iraq and Iran.

Both computers will be connected to the live chat room msn. The audience will be able to ask questions and get a report from Huseyin Cida, in Semdinli, a town which witnessed extreme riots of the Kurdish community, especially by children,in the past weeks. Huseyin will answer questions from both people in the gallery space and from online participants about what he is experiencing as a local inhabitant of the city.

This is an online project open to participants from all over the world. The chat will happen between 9-12 pm Central U.S time/ 2-5 am GMT. Interested participants can add reportingfromtheborder@hotmail.com to their msn contacts to get involved in the performance.

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