Hammoud hastantesi acil yardimlarinizi bekliyor

Saida'da Hammoud hastantesi acil yardimlarinizi bekliyor. Geçtigimiz 4 hafta içinde 120,000 Lübnan'lı güneyden Saida'ya kaçtı.Hastanenin hesap numaralarına buradan ulaşabilirsiniz. Hastanenin yönetmeninden gelen mektup aşağıdadır.

Dear All,

Since July 12, 2006, Lebanon has been subjected to an immense amount of destruction especially to its infrastructure, which in turn has led to the loss of over 950 lives (35% of them are children) and the injury of 3,322. Moreover, nearly 1,000,000 people have been displaced (over 30% of the Lebanese population). A humanitarian crisis is looming over Lebanon as the living conditions particularly in SouthLebanon, are worsening with the unavailability of food, shelter, or medicine for inhabitants and refugees alike. In order for HHUMC to continue extending its badly needed services to South Lebanon, we are launching a relief and support campaign and ask everyone to contribute and support our relief efforts.

The hospital founded in 1966 has witnessed several wars and crisis. However, the current situation is the worst. We have the responsibility towards to population in dire need for our medical services, towards our staff compromised of 750 employees and nurses (and their families), and towards our 150 physicians still servicing the community. The cash reserve is out, and the cash inflow is dismal. The situation is getting worse and is unlikely to change even if hostilities come to an end this week.

I am personally contacting you today to ask you for your assistance by contributing to our relief efforts, and by sending this email to the community around you.

Thank you for your support in this crisis,


Ahmad Zaatari, MD, FACS
Plastic Surgeon - Medical Director

Hammoud Hospital UMC
Saida - Lebanon

tel: (961)7-732733
fax: (961)7-725833
mobile: (961)3-695757