will be presented at:

Cairo Biennial, Town House Gallery (Cairo/Egypt), 10/14th December 2006
Tapies Foundation (Barcelona/Spain), 18th January 2007

The book gathers the results of 18 mounth of public art and territorial project, the site specific artistic interventions, and the researches of partners and contributors from six mediterranean cities: Istanbul, Beirut, Nicosia, Tel Aviv, Alexandria, Barcelona.

It’s a 250 pages book, 2 languages (it+engl), 160 images full colors.

Texts by: Claudia Zanfi (curator); Tony Chakar (Beirut architect); Abdalla Daif (Alexandria art critic); Manuel Delgado (Barcelona anthropologist);Sameh El Halawany (Alexandria artist); Achilleas Kentonis (Artos Foundation director, Nicosia); Bilal Khbeiz (Beirut journalist); Elias Khury (Beirut writer); Vasif Kortun (Platfom Garanti director, Istanbul); Stefano Maffei (Politecnico, Milan); Yannis Papadakis (Nicosia sociologist); Marti Peran (Barcelona University); Sharon Rotbard (Tel Aviv urbanist); Nermin Saybasili
(Goldsmiths University, London).

Special projects by: Atlas Group (Beirut); Ofri Cnaani and Jenny Vogel (NYC); Francesca Cogni and Donatello De Mattia (Milano); Gianmaria Conti (Milano); Oda Projesi (Istanbul/NYC); xurban_collective (Istanbul/NYC); Akram Zaatari (Beirut) and others.

Edition by: Silvana Editoriale, Milano.
International distribution by: Actar, Barcelona.

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20159 Milan, Italy
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