Situations International Project Reunion: 9th Istanbul Biennial

10 gün önce Bristol'da 9. Uluslararası İstanbul Bienali'ni bir kez daha işledik.

The Situations programme announces the second in a series of project reunions, bringing key participants from a recent international exhibition back together to reflect on the project from conception to final outcome.

Moderated by curator Anders Kreuger, this series offers the opportunity to explore a recent exhibition from the perspective of different artists, curators and participants. Each event gives an insight into the context of the project and the curatorial and artistic processes involved, whilst also creating opportunities to explore what the participants might have done differently.

The second in the series will focus on the 9th Istanbul Biennial, which took place from 16 September to 30 October 2005. For the first time the Biennial was developed through a working collaboration (between the director of van Abbemuseum, Charles Esche, and the director of Platform Garanti CAC in Istanbul, Vasif Kortun). Esche and Kortun worked together on an exhibition structure that sought to "fold out of and reveal its context - the city of Istanbul."

The curators will be joined by exhibiting artists Solmaz Shahbazi and Hüseyin Alptekin to reflect on this significant exhibition, visited by some 51,000 people and praised as "one of the artistic highlights of 2005" (Frieze, Dec 2005).