Oda Projesi Hamburg'da

There is a wall in Wilhemsburg- Hamburg that struck the attention of an artist collective from Istanbul and artist from Berlin. This is a wall that stands near the U-bahn very close to the shoppingmall next door and the wall is too big to be out of sight but strangely the group recognizes that it is invisible for most of the residents in the neighbourhood so they started to ask questions and searching for answers and more questions about the “wall”.

The project 15x75m Hingucken-Weggucken will start on the 17th of August with the collaboration of artists and neighbours from the region. The usage and the meaning of the wall will be first searched by free climbers and then the minibus of the project will lead its way though Hamburg to search for possible meanings of the “wall”, the minibus will be at 4 spots in Hamburg.

Oda Projesi & Nadin Reschke Kindlimann has worked together before in Istanbul in a project by Oda Projesi. The finissage event will be in the official opening of the exhibition on the 1st of September with surprises on and around the wall.