Molecular Production and the Cultural Mainstream

In cities such as Istanbul, Madrid and many others, the disappearance of medium-scale institutions seems to have intensified in recent years. Euphemistically called "art centers," "ICAs," "kunstvereins" and so on, these institutions are defined mostly in relation to the scale of the cities in which they are located. Current discussion around the possible closure of ICA London - established in 1947 - cannot merely be reduced to analyzing blunders of management. The ICA's situation is as much a sign of the times as what happened to Rooseum in Malmo, which auctioned off a substantial part of its collection in 2006 and whose space has now been taken over by the Moderna Museet, or what happened more recently to Insa Art Space in Seoul, which has been integrated into the ARKO (Arts Council of Korea) Art Center. It seems that the "middle" keeps on dropping out because of a particular market demand for large-scale institutions, for reasons we know all to well.
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