Project Projects'  Rob Giampietro blogs about Walker Art Center's Minneapolis exhibition Graphic Design: Now in Production curated by the great Andrew Blauvelt and Ellen Lupton. Ellen Lupton was the curator of one of the best exhibitions I had ever seen, Mechanical Brides at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum back in 1993. Andrew Blauvelt is a genius.  I am very proud to see SALT in the exhibition. The exhibition will travel to New York next summer. There is a publication available. 

"McGurl describes this self-constitution of systems using a concept drawn from systems theory called “autopoesis.” Designers know these efforts, under slightly different circumstances, as so-called “self-initiated work,” which comprises a good portion of what’s done as an MFA student. And just as McGurl prepares a list of “signature genres of the Program Era”—which includes the campus novel, the portrait of the artist, the workshop story collection, the ethnic family saga, meta-genre fiction, and meta-slave narratives—we might attempt a designer’s list along the same lines, including the thesis book, the process poster, the experimental typeface, the urban map, the data visualization exercise, the group portrait photograph, the image archive, the slide talk, the meta-exhibition, and the project-as-class performance."
Rob Giampietro 

Åbäke, whom we worked with before with hazavuzu is in the exhibition too. Patrick Lacey's writing with white cover-up tape "11 No’lu Yenilebilir Mülk Bölgesel Prototip Bahçe"still on the garden glass. 

Luck has a place in all of this. Happy to be working with incredible people.