Homeland TV Series

Character 1
Saul Berenson seems to be the right guy. Glasses and scruffy bard. He tucks in his dark shirt under corduroy pants. He has that retired, asexual style, and the compassionate, academic, trustable look, like an understanding father. Imbued with empathy, he comes out as the guy who can rectify the big Machine, connect all that has been broken. You expect him to do right and sit on the good side of History. But, not so. Heck, Saul cannot even mend his own relationship. He is not manly, and certainly not a hero. Saul is just impotent. He is the kind of guy who may know everything but will not work that knowledge towards real good. Every time Carrie (Mathison) trusts her, he disappoints . He turns her in, he tips off David (Estes), and he fails to convince her to not to take the shock therapy. Saul comes out worse than Sgt. Nicholas Brody. Brody, at least, knows how to pull the trigger. He may have looked good 30 years ago, but one cannot buy that argument anymore, he is like the Israeli Labor Party.